Man Accused of Molesting 3-year-old Daughter Arraigned on 12 Counts of First-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

On Monday June 10, a 27-year-old Blackman Township man who was unnamed because he shares a surname with the alleged victim was arraigned on 12 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. According to a news article at, the man sexually molested his 3-year-old daughter repeatedly.

The article states that the man told Christopher Boulter and Joseph Merritt who are public safety detectives with Blackman-Leoni Township that he may have tried to have sex with the girl six times, going on to say that it had occurred “too many times to remember.” The Department of Human Services has filed a petition seeking to terminate parental rights of the suspect and his wife.

The family was living at the Avalon Hotel located at 2000 Bondsteel Drive; the girl has since been placed in foster care, according to Boulter. The girl has allegedly been sexually abused since late last year, through May of this year prior to the suspect’s arrest.

News reports also indicate that the child’s mother was involved in the abuse, although she has not been charged with a crime. The petition filed by DHS claims that the woman admitted to helping her husband penetrate the little girl by holding her hands while she was trying to get away. The mother also admitted that the couple had sexual relations in the toddler’s presence and watched pornography in front of her. The child’s mother has a history of being sexually abused according to the article.

Two boys ages 5 and 8 were removed from the woman’s custody. The man accused of the sexual abuse was ordered held without bond in the Jackson County jail by District Judge R. Darryl Mazur.

Individuals who are convicted of first-degree CSC involving a victim younger than 13 will face a minimum of 25 years in prison, and possibly life.

Michigan sex crime lawyers understand that some individuals are truly sick and deviant, as indicated in this situation by the confession of the father. However, there are many innocent people who are accused of committing sex crimes against children and others every day. These are some of the most difficult type of offenses to defend, which is why an individual must have an experienced and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney.

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