Man Arrested for 2009 Ypsilanti Township Rape and Knife Slashing to Stand Trial

In October of 2012, Anthony Derrick Chandler was accused of raping a 43-year-old woman and attacking her with a knife in a 2009 incident in a wooded area in Ypsilanti Township. Chandler was linked to the crime more than three years later through DNA technology and other investigative measures, according to

On Monday, January 14, Chandler was in court for a pretrial hearing, accused of raping the woman while armed with a handgun and a knife. Chandler is scheduled to stand trial in March of this year.

According to Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department deputies, Chandler approached the alleged victim near railroad tracks on South Harris; he then grabbed her by the hair and forced her into nearby woods, where he assaulted and raped her. News reports state that the woman suffered damaged tendons in her hand after fending off Chandler as he attempted to cut her throat with a knife.

Deputies were dispatched to the area on March 29 of 2009 after receiving a report of a woman fleeing a man. Upon their arrival, deputies did not see anything, but continued to investigate when they heard a faint cry for help. Soon after, the deputies saw the woman, who was bleeding, stumble out of the woods in the direction of their patrol car. The suspect fled upon seeing the patrol lights, and was not apprehended until August of 2012. Chandler was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, assault with intent to murder, and other charges. He pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, and is currently in the Washtenaw County Jail on a $150,000 cash bond.

Chandler will potentially face life in prison if convicted.

DNA is one of the most relied upon technologies used in convicting individuals of crimes today. While it’s likely that Chandler is guilty of the crimes he is accused of committing, not all individuals are. Michigan sex crime attorneys know that a conviction for a sex-related offense can leave an individual facing severe punishment, not to mention a ruined reputation. Perhaps worst of all is having to register as a sex offender.

If you have been charged with a sex crime or are under investigation, do not hesitate before contacting an aggressive and experienced Michigan sex crime defense attorney. Your future literally hangs in the balance.

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