Man Faces Sexual Assault Charges after Allegedly Roaming Halls of Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Searching for a Victim

Keith Darrius Manders, a 20-year-old Grand Rapids resident, was recently charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, and first-degree home invasion in connection with a March 8 incident at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, according to news reports at Police allege Manders was roaming the halls of the hotel in search of a victim to sexually assault. hotel-room-1073673-m

Police claim Manders was at the hotel at approximately 1 a.m. on the day in question, and that as he wandered the halls, he listened at the doors before choosing a room at which he would knock on the door. Grand Rapids Police Lt. Patrick Merrill said that when the woman in the room at which he knocked answered the door, Manders told her he needed toilet paper. He allegedly attacked her as she turned away from the door. Police say the woman was not injured, but that Manders groped her before she could break loose from him.

Merrill stated that it was unusual for an individual to roam the halls of the hotel without being stopped. While police believe Manders’ actions were deliberate and planned, they also believe he has mental health issues.

Manders is being held on a $500,000 bond in the Kent County Jail. He waived his March 18 probable cause hearing; his case has been forwarded to felony court. News reports indicate that if convicted, Manders will face up to 20 years in prison.

Sexual assault is a very serious charge; those convicted may face any number of years up to life in prison, depending on the specific offense they are accused of. Second-degree criminal sexual conduct does not involve penetration, so the criminal penalties will be less harsh than those for an individual convicted of first-degree CSC, a crime for which the maximum punishment is life behind bars.

Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know that often times, innocent individuals are wrongly accused of sexual assault. If there is a lack of strong evidence to support the alleged victim’s claim, prosecutors may have a difficult time convicting the defendant. In cases where compelling evidence does exist, it may be beneficial for the defendant to plead down to a lesser crime. Regardless of your situation, consult with a highly experienced and aggressive defense lawyer who will fight hard to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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