Marquette Man Allegedly Assaults 14-year-old Girl, Charged with Human Trafficking

On Friday May 2, 24-year-old Aaron Max Wesolek was taken into custody by the Marquette City police after being arrested in connection with human trafficking, according to a news article at Upper Michigan’s Source. Wesolek allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl who he solicited online at his apartment.Wesolek-Aaron

Marquette police served a search warrant on Wesolek’s apartment Thursday, May 1, after learning of the alleged assault. News sources claim the sexual assault occurred on April 21 when the defendant took the girl who he had met online to his apartment, where he sexually assaulted her.

Wesolek has been charged with using a computer to commit a crime, accosting a child for immoral purposes, third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and recruiting a minor for child sexually abusive activity. Wesolek’s bond was set at 10% of $115,000. At the time of news reports, he was lodged in the Marquette County Jail.

Third-degree criminal sexual conduct involves penetration, and in this case engaging in sexual activity with someone younger than 16 years of age. The criminal penalties for third-degree CSC for those convicted include u to 15 years in prison. In addition, the defendant will be required to register as a sex offender. Soliciting a minor for sex or immoral purposes using the Internet can leave the accused facing up to 20 years in prison, depending on the circumstances.

Sex crimes are extremely serious; regardless of whether the accused is guilty or innocent, if found guilty the consequences will be life-altering. In fact, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, the most serious sex crime in the state of Michigan, puts the defendant at risk of spending the rest of his or her life behind bars. This is the same punishment often given to those who are found guilty of first-degree murder!

Sex crimes such as child molestation and rape do happen, there is no doubt about it. However, innocent people are frequently accused of crimes they did not commit. When your freedom and reputation hang in the balance, it is critical that you obtain the legal support and guidance of a skilled Michigan sex crime defense attorney. The lawyer you choose will make all of the difference in the outcome.

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