Massage Envy Client in Los Angeles Claims Sexual Assault

Recently, a 25-year-old woman who visited a Massage Envy location in Los Angeles claimed that she was sexually assaulted by the 67-year-old massage therapist giving her a massage. physical-therapy-882275-m

According to a news article at CBS, the massage therapist, Gary Sperling, was arrested on single counts of lewd act on a dependent adult, and sodomy of an incompetent person. Sperling has worked at several Massage Envy locations over a nine-year time period, according to detectives. The company claims there has never in the past been a complaint filed against Sterling.

Sterling was held on $100,000 bail in Ventura according to the news report. Massage Envy said that each franchisee is required to perform reference and criminal background checks. In addition, the franchise said that training is required prior to employment as a licensed massage therapist, and that the training specifically covers Massage Envy’s Zero Tolerance Policy regarding inappropriate conduct.

Neighbors were surprised at the news, saying that Sperling and his wife were “nice,” and that they were shocked because he doesn’t seem the type to engage in such conduct.

The incident allegedly occurred on April 4; Sperling was interviewed on April 8 regarding the incident, and arrested.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know how easy it is for someone to wrongly accuse another person of committing a sex-related crime, although the details of this story are not clear. Perhaps a crime was committed, or perhaps not. Hopefully the criminal justice system will work the way it is supposed to in this case, and justice will be served regardless of whether the suspect is guilty or innocent.

Anyone who is accused of sexual assault, child molestation, or other sex crimes should consult with a highly experienced Michigan sex crimes attorney immediately. It is vital your legal rights are protected, and a legal strategy developed to protect your freedom. A conviction for a sex crime will result not only in loss of freedom, but ruin of your reputation and career.

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