Midland Police Officer Accused Of Sexual Assault

A Midland police officer is under investigation for sexual assault after allegations were made against him. In Michigan “sexual assault” has four degrees based on a range of sexual contact and degree of force. Criminal sexual conduct first degree is sometimes referred to by a lay person as “rape” and criminal sexual conduct third degree as “statutory rape.” Criminal sexual conduct second degree and criminal sexual conduct fourth degree involve touching of a sexual nature without some form of penetration.

Each degree is considered a felony for sentencing purposes and if convicted of any, require mandatory registration on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry (SORA).

Michigan State Police are investigating the alleged crime, including collecting and analyzing forensic evidence. A police representative commented, “We are going to have a complete and thorough investigation.”

Whether charges will be ultimately filed is unknown – Michigan Sate police have placed the officer on administrative leave and are seeking to resolve the matter quickly.

Unfortunately many people accused in similar situations face charges before such in-depth investigation occurs. In fact, charges may be filed based only on allegations of sexual misconduct without any physical evidence.

If you are under investigation for any Michigan sex crime, it is critical to contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense attorney immediately to begin investigating the circumstances surrounding the charges, gathering evidence in your defense and doing what it takes to keep your name off the Michigan sex crimes registry.

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