Munising Chiropractor Charged with CSC Back in Court

In January, 54-year-old George Conrad-Spencer Young, a chiropractor in Munising, was charged with six counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Young was employed in Alger County at the HealthQuest chiropractic clinic as the clinic director.
Young was back in court on Monday April 1 as the prosecution filed a motion to consolidate the six cases; the defense also asked for a change of venue, however no decision was made at that time.

During the January 24 preliminary hearing, testimony was given by the six alleged victims. Young had entered a guilty plea to a charge of assault and battery in December, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He was also ordered to pay court costs, fines, and restitution of $1,525. According to Young’s defense attorney, Brandon Rickard, the accusations against his client began to build after an apology letter issued by HealthQuest regarding a previous incident involving Young was published in The Munising News. Young maintains his innocence, saying that what has been called sexual assaults by the alleged victims is a legitimate chiropractic technique.

Rickard stated in a January news article at the Mining Journal that all of the allegations against Young were related to his role as a chiropractor. According to Rickard, there was no intentional touching; he stated that any incidental touching was necessary and occurred in the course of treatment of the patients.

Young is currently awaiting trial as his attorney seeks a change of venue. Each count of fourth-degree CSC involves using force or coercion, and is punishable by up to two years in prison along with a $500 fine.

According to Michigan Penal Code 750.520e, an individual is guilty of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct when sexual contact occurs with another person when force or coercion is used in what would be considered unacceptable medical treatment or examination. Michigan sex crime defense lawyers know that in a situation such as the one described above, it would be easy for patients to make false allegations of inappropriate touching.

If you have been wrongly accused of a sex-related offense, protect your reputation and future by obtaining the legal support and guidance of a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney at once.

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