Muskegon County Felony Sex Charges Filed In Evan Emory YouTube Video Case

Michigan news reports that the Muskegon County Prosecutors office has filed felony sex charges against singer-songwriter Evan Emory after creating a sexually-themed video and allegedly inserting innocent images of first graders into the film. He then posted the video on YouTube. Emory now faces charges of manufacturing child sexually abusive materials – making child porn – and faces 15 to 20 years in jail. His preliminary hearing scheduled for this week has been postponed.

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Emory allegedly performed an innocent song in front of the school kids and videotaped the children during the performance. He then videotaped a second version with sexual references outside the presence of the children, edited the video tape so that it appeared the children were reacting to the explicit song, and posted it on YouTube.

Here, the charges of manufacturing child pornography overstate the real actions and motivation of Emory. Despite perhaps a lack of good judgment, Emory is not a sex offender nor did he have criminal intentions. Instead, reports state that he wanted to make people laugh. Subjecting him to substantial time in jail and requiring him to have his name listed on the Michigan sex crimes registry would be a significant injustice. While Michigan is currently looking at ways to reform the registry, placement of someone like Emory – more of a youthful prankster than a violent predator – shows the inadequacy of the current system.

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