New Sex Offender Registry Requires Updated Information Beginning April 1

Pursuant to the Michigan public sex offender registration law (PSOR), individuals convicted of sex offenses must place their name on a public list, which is available to the public via the internet. The registry includes identifying information such as current addresses, employer information, social security numbers and even email addresses. The registry can be accessed by anyone, including private individuals, law enforcement officials, school officials, and prospective and current employers who want to locate sex offenders in their neighborhoods. In addition to initial reporting requirements, individuals must periodically update the registry with information about their current residence.

The Michigan sex offender laws were recently changed, with additional reporting requirements. According to the new sex offender registration rules, the second registration period for those required to provide updated address information must do so beginning April 1. Residence information must be verified within 15 days with local law enforcement officials.

If you have questions concerning registration on the PSOR, and what may be required of you, an experienced Michigan sex crimes attorney can provide you critical advice concerning reporting requirements.

The new law divides reporting requirements into tiers, based on the severity of the crime and the age difference between the offender and the victim. The least severe tier is tier one, which includes such crimes as indecent exposure, with tier three registration being required for the most serious sex offenses. The tier you are placed into dictates whether you need to register for 25 years of for life.

Despite recent changes in the law, having to place your name on the sex crimes registry remains a significant burden on your future. Failure to follow the requirement of the sex crimes registration law can lead to significant penalties including additional criminal charges and jail time.

If you have questions about the registry or are unclear about what you need to do to ensure you’re in compliance with the act, contact the top Michigan sex crime lawyers at Grabel & Associates for a free, immediate consultation.

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