New Year’s Day Sexual Assault, Robbery Suspect Apprehended

Earlier we reported about a woman who had allegedly been sexually assaulted while sitting with her husband in their broken down vehicle in Detroit. The couple had also been robbed. On Sunday, news reports indicated that a Detroit man, 22-year-old Howard McKnight, is now facing numerous criminal charges in connection with the New Year’s Day incident.

According to Click on Detroit, the couple’s vehicle became lodged in snow as they were driving near Bradford and Findlay. The suspect allegedly approached the vehicle offering assistance, then pulled a gun and took $280 and the woman’s jewelry before sexually assaulting her.

Detroit police had released a sketch of the man who they believe committed the rape and robbery. News sources do not mention how McKnight was apprehended, but say that he was arraigned on Sunday and charged with kidnapping, rape, assault, armed robbery and other offenses. He is being held on $1 million bond.

Michigan sexual assault attorneys understand that the penalties for crimes including kidnapping and armed robbery are extremely severe; however, an individual convicted on rape or first-degree sexual assault may face a life behind bars, along with substantial fines. In addition, that individual may be labeled a sex offender and required to register in Michigan. While this may not sound that serious in comparison with the other penalties, it is a penalty that will negatively impact every area of a person’s life. Registered sex offenders have a stigma that follows them throughout their lives, affecting employment opportunities, where they may live, whether they may own or possess guns, and more. Essentially, registered sex offenders lose their privacy.

People are often mistakenly identified or wrongly accused of crimes of a sexual nature. Regardless of your innocence or guilt, it is critical that you consult with an aggressive and confident Michigan sex crimes lawyer, who will examine your case and determine a course of legal action which will lead to the most positive results. Protect your reputation, career, and freedom by speaking with a skilled attorney today.

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