North Carolina Doctor Faces Sexual Assault Charges

A Charlotte, NC doctor has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly assaulting three women during medical exams, according to a recent news report at ABC 11. iStock_000006220072_Double (2)

Dr. Mario Hernandez has been accused of assaulting the women at his office located in the 800 block of Arrowood Road. He is charged with three counts of second-degree sexual offense in connection with the incidents, which began in May. The first woman who was allegedly assaulted on May 6 reported the assault on Friday, December 4 after two other women came forward. One of the women reported on November 25 that upon going to the doctor’s facility for a medical examination, she was sexually assaulted. Another woman reported the same experience on November 30. All three women reported the incidents to police.

The three women claimed Hernandez fondled them during exams, however according to the doctor’s attorney, Hernandez strongly denies the allegations and will fight them in court. Hernandez has no criminal history and a clean record, according to reports.

Hernandez turned himself in voluntarily after the Sexual Assault Unit detectives launched an investigation into the women’s claims of sexual assault. He was released from jail on his own recognizance after posting a $52,500 bond. According to the NC Medical Board, there have been no prior complaints against Hernandez.

In North Carolina, second-degree sexual offense is a Class C Felony charge that involves engaging in a sexual act with another individual against that person’s will, forcefully, or under other conditions. If convicted, the criminal penalties include 58 to 73 months in prison.

Allegations of sexual misconduct are serious in every state. In Michigan, a conviction for sexual assault may result in a substantial number of years in prison, or even life depending on the circumstances. Hefty fines are also common, and in most cases those convicted will be placed on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. For many people found guilty of sexual assault, being a registered sex offender is sometimes worse than the time spent in jail. Sex offenders are stigmatized by society, have trouble finding employment, and cannot always choose where they want to live. Registered sex offenders also have little to no privacy, as all of their personal information is listed on the sex offender registry for anyone who has an interest to find.

Michigan sex crimes attorneys know how easy it is for someone to falsely accuse another person of a sex crime. Unfortunately, there are many people in prisons across the U.S. today serving time for crimes they did not commit. If you have been accused of sexual assault, rape, child molestation, or any related offense it is imperative to choose an experienced and capable sex crime defense lawyer who will work diligently to secure the best possible result.

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