Note Left on Victim’s Door Leads to Oregon Man’s Arrest for Sexual Assault

On Thursday, August 28, 33-year-old Cruz Bonilla of Hillsboro, Oregon was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a 39-year-old Beaverton woman. According to a news article at the Beaverton Valley Times, a note left on the victim’s door by the suspect led to his arrest. traditional-house-1436065-m

Bonilla allegedly sexually assaulted the victim on August 15 after entering her apartment through a door that was left unlocked. The victim claims that Bonilla came in about 1:30 a.m., and that she struggled with him before he finally fled her apartment. Bonilla left a note on the woman’s apartment door 10 days later which according to police gave them enough information to identify the suspect, who it was determined was unknown to the victim. The victim reported to police that she was sexually assaulted, and that she fought Bonilla during the assault.

Officers who responded to the scene at approximately 2 a.m. were not able to locate the suspect, however they did find and arrest him at a later date. Bonilla is accused of first-degree burglary, first-degree sodomy, and first-degree sex abuse. At last report, he was lodged in the Washington County Jail. News reports do not indicate what was in the note that led to Bonilla’s arrest, only that it was an apology note.

In the state of Michigan, individuals who are accused of sex crimes including rape, sodomy, child pornography or molestation, or accosting a minor for sex are prosecuted vigorously. Having an aggressive and capable Michigan sex crimes attorney on your side is imperative if you want any hope at all of avoiding life-changing criminal penalties. Depending on the crime you are accused of committing, you may face up to life in prison, substantial fines, and be required to register as a sex offender, sometimes for life.

Rape, or first-degree criminal sexual conduct (sex offenses involving penetration) will leave the accused facing a possible sentence of life behind bars. Even when a person pleads guilty or no contest to a less serious offense, he or she may spend time in prison. For those who do not spend a substantial amount of time behind bars, being labeled a sex offender is usually the worst punishment of all. You are shunned by society, and often cannot work or live where you choose.

If you have been accused of any sex-related crime, consult with a skilled defense lawyer immediately so that work can begin on a vigorous defense.

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