Oakland County Mishandled Rape Case Continues To Trial

Federal judges have allowed several charges to go forward against the Oakland County Prosecutors office, the Walled Lake Consolidated School District and the Michigan Department of Human Services as a result of a botched rape case. A West Bloomfield couple – Julian and Thal Wendrow – filed their lawsuit after an investigation and prosecution on charges of raping their daughter that a federal judge has described as “a runaway train.”

The Thals endured a nightmarish ordeal – they were prosecuted on charges of criminal sexual assault first degree for allegedly raping their autistic daughter. The only evidence Oakland County prosecutors had against the parents were “typed” statements the girl made with the help of an aide using a discredited method call “Facilitated Communication.” Based on the flawed allegations, the Wendrows were jailed and their children taken away and placed in foster care before prosecutors admitted the child could not communicate and dropped the charges.

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The Wendrow’s case is now going forward on charges that the Oakland prosecutors violated state and federal laws protecting disabled people, that one of the prosecutors defamed them by implying their guilt to a national law magazine, and several other charges related to the prosecution.

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