Port Huron Woman Charged with Falsely Reporting a Rape

Sara Ylen, a 38-year-old Port Huron woman, was recently charged with falsely reporting a rape. According to a news article at DetroitNews.com, the woman has made numerous bogus claims of sexual assault over the years.

Just a few months prior to Ylen being charged, a man who had allegedly sexually assaulted Ylen was released from prison because of reports that her allegations were false. In September of 2012, Ylen reported to police that she was raped at the Lexington home where she lives, approximately 80 miles northeast of Detroit. Ylen has been charged with evidence tampering and filing a false report of a felony offense in that case.

Ylen reportedly had bruises caused by the alleged rape, however Sanilac County Sheriff Garry Biniecki claims that makeup was used to create the bruises.

In 2003, Ylen was allegedly raped by James Grissom outside a St. Clair County Meijer store; Grissom was convicted of the rape despite the lack of physical evidence, and sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison. Ylen spoke to the Times Herald regarding the case, saying that she wanted to speak publicly in her position as a victim of rape. Grissom’s conviction was thrown out in 2012 after it was discovered that Ylen had lied about numerous sexual assaults in California. At the time of Grissom’s trial, his attorney did not have this information which could have been used to challenge Ylen’s credibility. Grissom served almost 10 years in prison before being released last November.

Ylen was arraigned on Wednesday, May 22 in St. Clair County District Court. She pleaded not guilty to the allegations of falsely reporting a rape. It has also been revealed that she made claims for years that she had cancer; she is facing a criminal case involving fraud.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know that this is certainly not the first time an individual has accused an innocent person of rape. This is a prime example of why these cases are so difficult, as anyone can make false accusations out of spite, anger, or revenge. The unfortunate fact is that many individuals spend years in prison and are labeled as sex offenders when in fact they never committed a crime.

If you have been arrested and charged with rape, sexual assault or any serious offense, contact a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney right away.

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