Pre-Halloween Registration of Sex Offenders Initiative Underway by Michigan State Police

This year makes the 10th year Michigan State Police have participated in an initiative known as “Operation Verify,” a program designed to catch offenders who do not comply with registration rules. With the Halloween holiday coming up, state police are getting ready to arrest sex offenders who fail to register. All tier 3 offenders are required to report in person to the local sheriff’s office, police station, or Michigan State Police post to verify residence address. This registration period runs from October 1 through October 15. pumpkin-patch-1-1418672-m.jpg

According to data on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry, there are approximately 40,000 registered sex offenders in the Detroit area. Police will begin sweeping the area for tier 3 offenders who fail to register between the dates mentioned above; those who fail to comply will be arrested, according to an article at

Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know the negative impact being placed on the sex offender registry has to those who must register. Not only may you experience lost job opportunities, but loss of freedom to choose where you want to live and which schools you want to attend. You may also not qualify for government programs or student loans. In general, your qualify of life will be affected. Essentially, being a registered sex offender can ruin your life.

When you are required to register, anyone in the world can access the information on a public information website. Ultimately, the stigma of being a sex offender can follow you everywhere you go for the rest of your life.

The most important thing an individual can do if accused of or charged with a sex crime including child molestation, rape, sexual assault, or any related offense is to consult with a capable and experienced Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your situation, it may be possible for a skilled attorney to keep your name off of Michigan’s sex offender registry.

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