Rockwood Police Officer Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct, Fired for Second Time

Christian Zieminski, a 33-year-old Rockwood police officer, has been fired after being charged with sex crimes against a prisoner. According to news reports, the Wayne County prosecutor is not revealing what allegedly took place to cause Zieminski to lose his job. This is the second time that Zieminski has been fired during his career in law enforcement.

Zieminski was terminated from his position as a police officer on July 6, although Police Chief Stephen Rowe would not comment on the circumstances surrounding the termination. Zieminski had been with the department for 5 years.

Prior to working for the Rockwood department, he had worked for the Brownstown Township Police Department, where he was fired due to an inappropriate relationship with a student at Woodhaven High School, where he was serving as the liaison officer. The relationship with the student took place in October of 2006, just weeks after Zieminski was married. News reports claim no charges were filed because the relationship was consensual, and because the student was 17 years old.

On Tuesday August 28th, spokeswoman Maria Miller of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office issued a release stating that Zieminski allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a female prisoner who was in his custody, using force or coercion. He has been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, an offense which may result in as many as 15 years in prison if convicted. Zieminski was also charged with misconduct in office and fourth-degree criminal sexual assault. A personal bond was set at $20,000.

Michigan sex crimes lawyers know that in most cases involving sexual assault, there is no apparent physical injury to the alleged victim. Often, the accuser is not credible and evidence is severely lacking. In many cases related to sexual offenses, individuals are wrongly accused by those who are attempting to get pay-back or vengeance.

Whether you have already been charged or suspect that you will be it is urgent that you consult with a capable Michigan sex crimes attorney right away. In many cases a skilled lawyer can work to prevent charges from being filed against the accused. Even when charges are filed, your attorney may be able to have them dismissed or reduced.

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