Romulus Man Charged with Robbing, Raping 72-year-old Woman; Judge Denies Bond

On Friday September 20, 25-year-old Ryan C. Curcio of Romulus was charged with robbing a raping a 72-year-old woman. According to a news article at Clickon Detroit, Curcio was soft-spoken at first but then began to steal items in her home before sexually assaulting her. He has been charged with armed robbery, first-degree home invasion, larceny in a building, two counts of first-degree CSC, fourth-degree CSC, and interfering with an electronic communication device. At his arraignment hearing Friday afternoon, 34th District Judge Tina Brooks Green denied bond. shutterstock_70108591.jpg

The victim told police that Curcio came through her door as she let her dogs out. The victim, who has lived in her Romulus home for more than 20 years, said that the defendant climbed over a locked gate. When she let her two dogs outside, she left the door ajar. The alleged victim said that she “sensed” someone was with her, then looked and he was standing inside her home.

The elderly woman said that the man was “nice” at first, helping her around her home with her walker. Eventually he began searching her home as he asked her questions such as if she had money, and if there was anyone else at the home. After taking items from her jewelry box, he allegedly told her to lay down, where he proceeded to rape her, according to the victim.

Upon leaving the home, the suspect ripped the telephones from the walls. The victim called 911 after retrieving her cell phone which was in her purse.

The criminal penalties for individuals convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct are severe, and include up to life in prison. In this case, the suspect has been charged with armed robbery and first-degree home invasion as well, both extremely serious charges. Without the legal guidance and expertise of a skilled criminal defense lawyer, it is likely Curcio will spend a substantial number of years, if not life, behind bars.

A conviction for a sex-related offense not only leaves an accused individual facing serious criminal penalties, the consequences are life-altering when required to register as a sex offender. Not only is there typically a stigma associated with allegedly committing these types of crimes, employment and housing opportunities are severely limited. If you have been accused of rape, sexual assault, possessing child pornographic materials, or any related offense, consult with a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime defense attorney immediately.

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