Saginaw Ex-Con Accused of Raping, Threatening to Kill Teenage Girl

victim-shadowAbraham Rosales, also known as Abraham McCombs, was recently arraigned on charges of extortion and third-degree criminal sexual conduct in the alleged rape of a teenage girl, according to a news article at  Rosales, 28, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to cause great bodily harm in August of 2004; he pleaded no contest to the same charge in connection with an incident which occurred in August of 2006 in Isabella County.

On April 4, a 14-year-old girl was interviewed at the Nathan Weidner Children’s Advocacy Center.  In the interview, she said that Rosales, whom she called “Peeps,” bought some food for her and took her to a party store in the vicinity after picking her up from her home; he then took her back to her Bay City home.  Upon arriving, he parked near the residence where the alleged victim said he began kissing her, then raped her.  The girl said that afterward, Rosales told her that if she told anyone about the situation, he would kill her.

Rosales was later interviewed by police.  In the interview, Rosales said that he believed the girl was 17 years old, and that the sex was consensual.  He initially denied knowing the victim, but confessed that he did know her after being presented with more information.

Rosales is scheduled to appear on April 30th for a preliminary exam before District Judge Dawn A. Klida; his bond was set at $200,000 cash-surety by Bay County District Judge Mark. E. Janer.

Third-degree criminal sexual conduct is a serious crime in the state of Michigan, and involves penetration.  Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know that while it is no excuse, individuals frequently engage in sexual relations with teens who are underage because they believe they are of age, or the “alleged victim” actually consents to having sex with them – in some cases, even instigating the sexual relations themselves.  Unfortunately, when it is discovered that an adult engaged in sexual relations with a minor, the consequences can be devastating.

Third-degree CSC may be charged when penetration occurs with a victim between the ages of 13 and 16; the criminal penalties if convicted include up to 15 years in prison.  The defendant will also have a permanent criminal record, and be required to register as a sex offender on the public sex offender registry.  While no one wants to spend 15 years behind bars, in many cases being labeled a sex offender is a far worse punishment.

If you have been accused of any sex-related offense, consult with a highly capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer right away in order to protect your legal rights and freedom to the greatest extent possible.

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