Sentencing Date Pending for Carrollton Township Man Pleading No Contest to Third-Degree CSC

In May of 2012, 27-year-old Anthony Broemer of Carrollton Township allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who was determined to be mentally incapable or physically helpless. According to news reports, Broemer assaulted the woman in Saginaw while she was in an unconscious state. He was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct against someone who is incapacitated.

Broemer’s trial had initially been scheduled for June 18, however Visiting Saginaw County Circuit Judge William J. Caprathe gave him until June 20 to consider a plea offer, which the defendant agreed to. Broemer pleaded no contest to an added charge of CSC in the third degree against an incapacitated victim in exchange for prosecutors dropping the original first-degree CSC charges.

Broemer’s maximum prison sentence will be 22 years and six months because of his second-time habitual offender status. The normal maximum sentence for third-degree criminal sexual conduct is 15 years. As with first-degree CSC, third-degree involves penetration. In pleading to the charge, Broemer is not admitting guilt but does not contest that the evidence gathered by prosecutors would likely result in a conviction.

Broemer’s sentencing date is pending as he remains in the Saginaw County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know that these types of criminal offenses are considered some of the most serious in Michigan, and are punished very harshly. In most cases, not only will the accused face prison time if convicted, but a lifelong stigma as a sex offender which impacts reputation, employment opportunities, and even dictates where that individual may or may not live.

If you have been charged with a sex-related offense, take action right away. Contact a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney who will work vigorously to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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