Serial Rape Accuser and Mother of Two Headed to Prison

A Sanilac County woman has been sentenced to a minimum of five years is prison after falsely accusing two men of raping her, according to news reports at and The Detroit Free Press. 38-year-old Sara Ylen of Lexington has accused multiple men of rape during her lifetime, some of them convicted and put behind bars. handcuffs-1156821-m.jpg

Most recently, the mother of two accused two men of beating and raping her, although investigators found the men were working at the time. She was found guilty of filing a false police report. Ylen allegedly “created” bruises on herself to uphold her allegations of being beaten using makeup. St. Clair County Circuit Judge Daniel Kelly, who sentenced Ylen to a minimum of five years, went above the sentencing guidelines recommendation of one year, saying that Ylen is “a tormented and disturbed woman who will go to extraordinary lengths to wreak havoc upon other individuals, subjecting them to life imprisonment in order to gain sympathy and notoriety for herself.”

In 2003, James Grissom was convicted of raping Ylen; he was released in November 2012 after nearly a decade of imprisonment. Grissom was granted a new trial by the Michigan Supreme Court, however prosecutors decided not to put him on trial a second time after Ylen’s claims that she was raped by Grissom proved to be unfounded. Grissom said Ylen should have been sentenced to a minimum of 10 years, that the sentence she got was “a slap on the hand.”

Ultimately, Ylen was sentenced to three to ten years for tampering with evidence, and two to four years for filing a false felony report. The judge ordered the sentences to run consecutively, leaving Ylen to serve a minimum of five years in prison.

While it’s clear Ylen has issues and a need to be seen as a victim, Michigan sex crime attorneys know that it is not uncommon for an innocent individual to be accused of and charged with rape, assault, child molestation, and other sex offenses. Sadly, there are countless innocent people who are incarcerated today after being wrongly accused and convicted.

If you or a loved one have been accused of a sex offense, regardless of whether you are innocent, it is imperative that you discuss your situation with an experienced and aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. Your attorney will work to protect you from a conviction and serious criminal penalties which could potentially ruin your life.

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