Sex Offender Registry Red-Tape And Injustice Continues For Nonviolent Offenders

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press underscores the injustice of Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry and the continuing red-tape that affects individuals whose name are on the list. According to the article, Justin Fawcett – a 17-year-old Bloomfield Hills student – had to register after having consensual sex with another student.

Fawcett was distraught due to the impact placement of one’s name on the sex crime registry can have – it may impact job opportunities, where you may live, the ability to obtain student loans, as well as carrying a significant social stigma. Fawcett killed himself shortly after he was required to register.

Although the sex crimes registry law was initially intended for sexual predators, many nonviolent offenders such as Fawcett were included on the list. Thankfully, significant amendments recently have been made to the sex registration law. However in law enforcement’s attempt to implement the changes, substantial red tape exists. The Free Press reports that Fawcett’s family just received a letter informing them that Justin’s name would be removed from the public list, despite the fact that he died 7 years ago. The letter underscores the complicated process required to get your name off the list. If your name is on the list, an experienced Michigan sex crimes registration defense attorney can help.

The recent changes allow some offenders an opportunity to petition the court to have their names taken off the list but also require significant amounts of new information from all registered offenders.

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