Sexual Assault Charges Against Frankenmuth Man Dismissed After Alleged Victim Recants

Michael T. Stromer, a 38-year-old Frankenmuth man, was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct against someone under the age of 13 for alleged sexual assaults that had reportedly taken place against a female relative who was younger than 10. The assaults had reportedly taken place sometime since 2011; now, the charges against Stromer have been dropped after the girl recanted her story.

According to a news article at published on May 24, prosecutors dropped all charged against Stromer on April 16. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Boyd said that Stromer’s young female relative recanted her accusations at a neglect and abuse hearing held in Saginaw County Juvenile Court. Boyd said that the case against Stromer relied heavily on the alleged victim’s word, and that the testimony she provided at the neglect and abuse hearing contradicted her testimony at the February preliminary hearing.

Stromer was charged in November of 2012 following an investigation by Frankenmuth police. He was taken to the Saginaw County Jail where he spent the weekend before posting bail on November 13.

Innocent people are sometimes accused of sex crimes by children who have been coerced or talked into saying things that are not true by adults. Unfortunately, some adults will do such horrific things out of vengeance or spite; for instance, a parent may coerce a young child into saying negative things about an ex-spouse in order to have full custody of the child or to prevent the other parent from having visitation rights.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know that it is often the case that an alleged victim changes his or her story, and that innocent individuals are accused of committing sex crimes for which they may be severely punished if convicted. Not only may someone face years in jail and a criminal record, that person may also be required to register as a sex offender which will have a profound negative impact on his or her life.

If you have been accused of a sex offense you did not commit, you must take action at once. Contact a highly capable and experienced Michigan sex crime attorney immediately.

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