Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Against Former Detroit Lion

According to the Detroit Free Press, sexual assault charges were dropped against former Detroit Lions player, Tommie Boyd. Boyd was accused of third-degree criminal sexual conduct based on his relationship with his girlfriend who was 16 at the time. The charges were dropped after the judge determined that no coercion was involved.

Boyd and the accuser had entered into a romantic relationship while he was a track coach at Fraser High School in Fraser, Michigan. Under Michigan law, the age of consent is 16. Further, although Michigan law prohibits school officials from having sex with students regardless of age, the accuser attended a different high school than where Boyd coached.

The girl testified that she and Boyd were in a relationship with Boyd from spring 2006 to fall 2007 and had been in love. She also testified that she believed he was going to leave his wife for her. Based on the nature of the relationship, the court determined that this was a consensual relationship and dismissed the charges.

Often, finding the true motivation behind filing sexual misconduct charges is one of most important components of a successful defense. Broken-hearts, jealously and anger can all lead to filing false accusations of sexual misconduct. Because of the emotional nature of the claims and the potential serious consequences such as potential jail time and having to register as a sex offender, it’s crucial you hire an experienced sex crimes attorney to vigorously defend you against any false accusations.

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