Support for Metro Detroit Teacher Convicted on Third-Degree CSC and Other Crimes Baffles Judge

Christopher Skebo, a 30-year-old substitute music teacher at Stevenson High School, was recently convicted on third-degree criminal sexual conduct and other charges after pleading no contest to the charges. The judge who sentenced Skebo has been a bit perplexed by the support in the community for Skebo; in fact, Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Mary Chrzanowski stated in news reports that she had received 16 letters from Skebo’s supporters, some of them from parents.

Chrzanowski told the courtroom that she was “floored” that she would receive a letter from a parent who would want someone who she said “has done everything I’ve read” to teach their child. She also stated that those who had written the glowing letters about Skebo did not know many of the facts about Skebo which were not made public. According to Detroit News, Chrzanowski said Skebo had “awful, deviant tendencies.”
Skebo was sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison on January 10 after allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old student. He was also accused of sending videos and photos which were sexually explicit to other teens.

According to Sterling Heights police, an investigation began in February of 2012 after complaints were received about Skebo. Reportedly, two Stevenson High School females were involved in the alleged crimes. Skebo allegedly took a picture of his private parts and sent it via text message to a high school student.

Richard Marcil, Skebo’s defense attorney, told news reporters that he was disappointed that his client was given such a long sentence, and that he expected Skebo to receive only three to four years after pleading no contest to the charges. Marcil said “It was an understanding that she (Chrzanowski) would go to the mid or low range.”

Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know how harsh the penalties are for individuals convicted of sex crimes, and that some of these penalties can impact the rest of their lives. Perhaps worst of all is being labeled a sex offender, which negatively affects employment opportunities among other aspects of the accused individual’s life.

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