Teacher at Freeport Area High School Cleared in Alleged Sexual Assault

Recently, a male teacher at Freeport Area High School was accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old female student who attended the school, according to news reports at Triblive.com. The high school is in the Sarver, Buffalo Township area in PA. According to state police, the teacher allegedly sexually assaulted the girl between August of last year and January of this year, although the student has now told authorities that no sexual assault occurred. apple-on-the-desk-1428611-m

Initially, authorities in Buffalo Township began investigating the allegations, however turned the investigation over to state police after learning that the alleged sexual assault was thought to have taken place in South Buffalo Township. Police were not able to substantiate claims regarding the sexual assault of the student through other interviews they conducted.

The teacher, who was not named in the news article, was removed from the classroom as the investigation continued, however he remains on leave although the alleged victim claims that the sexual assault never occurred. Chris DeVivo, District Superintendent, said that the teacher is not currently back in the classroom, and that he was not aware of the state police news release regarding the student claiming no sexual assault took place.

While it is impossible to know at this point whether the sexual assault did or did not occur, this is a prime example of how innocent individuals are accused of crimes, perhaps wrongly. It is easy for people to make false claims regarding sexual assault, and unfortunately, this can result in an innocent individual being subject to severe criminal penalties if found guilty.

Sex crimes are a serious matter; punishment may include not only jail/prison time, but required registration as a sex offender in most cases. Ultimately, a person may lose not only his/her freedom and career, but suffer a damaged reputation as well. Anyone who has been accused of sexual assault, rape, child pornography, or any sex crime should consult with a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crimes attorney immediately.

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