Temporary Male Contract Nurse at University of Michigan Hospital Could Face Charge of Fourth-Degree CSC

While he has not yet been officially charged, a 35-year-old male temporary contract nurse working in the University of Michigan Hospital’s emergency room could face a charge of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct following an incident which allegedly occurred on December 7. The incident which according to news reports involved a female patient is still under investigation.

The alleged victim came to the emergency room at the hospital on December 7 for a medical condition which was not life threatening according to Annarbor.com. It was during this visit that the woman underwent a procedure, the nature of which was not revealed in news reports; however, the woman reported to police that during the procedure, the nurse had inappropriate sexual contact. Police stated that they could not give any details regarding the contact.

The woman reported the alleged inappropriate contact to hospital personnel on December 10, who then informed police of the situation. University of Michigan Police Department spokeswoman Diane Brown said that the male nurse will no longer be working at university hospitals.

While the case remains open at the present, it is curious as to why the alleged victim waited for three days before reporting the incident to hospital personnel.

As all Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know, being convicted on any sex-related offense, no matter how minor it may seem, has serious implications. Besides potential jail time and monetary fines, those convicted will be required to register as a sex offender, a punishment that has lifelong negative consequences.

If the man is charged with fourth-degree CSC and convicted of the charge, he could face a potential fine and up to two years in prison. However, being labeled a sex offender will likely affect his career and ability to secure employment.

Individuals who are under investigation or who have been arrested for any sex-related offense must obtain the support and legal guidance of a skilled and aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. You have legal rights, and you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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