Texas Middle School Teacher Placed on Leave as Investigation of Alleged Sexual Assault Unfolds

Yesterday it was announced that James Smith, a P.E. Teacher and coach at a middle school in the Rockwall Independent School District, had been put on administrative leave while he is being investigated for the alleged sexual assault of a child.

According to the Dallas Morning News, an email was sent to parents informing them of the situation.  The email claims that Rowlett Police said no Rockwall ISD students, property, or schools are involved in the investigation.  A request by Dallas Morning News for comment from police on the matter was not addressed at the time the news story broke, and investigation details were unavailable.

Smith has been teaching in the Rockwall ISD for seven years according to the school’s website, and coached boys’ athletics.

Sexual assault can mean many things, from inappropriate touching to penetration.  The penalties in most states for sexual assault of a child are serious, particularly when penetration is involved.  A person may face a few years or even life behind bars depending on the facts of the case.

In Michigan, sex crimes are charged as criminal sexual conduct. The punishment depends on what degree of CSC a person is charged with.  For example, first-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious charge of all, and involves penetration.  It is possible a defendant will face a life prison term if found guilty of sexual assault involving penetration with a victim younger than 13 years of age.  Other factors also determine the punishment, including whether the alleged offender is a teacher or works in a position of trust and authority.

News reports offer no details regarding the alleged sexual assault by Mr. Smith, whether penetration was involved, the age of the child, where he or she was assaulted, etc.

In any situation such as this, the first step the accused should take is to consult with a skilled defense attorney who is capable and experienced in sex crimes.  If you have been accused of any sex-related offense in Ann Arbor, Detroit, or surrounding areas in Michigan, consult with our highly qualified and aggressive sex crimes attorneys at once.  Your freedom, reputation, and future are at stake; do not waste time.

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