University Of Michigan-Dearborn Police Accused Of Sexual Assault Cover Up

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Police Department is under fire for an alleged cover up involving the reporting of a sexual assault on campus recently. This allegation involves a student claiming that she was sexually assaulted by her instructor in his office in the science faculty building on the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus. It is alleged that the proper protocol was not followed in investigating this case by not taking the alleged victim’s statement and not interviewing the instructor under normal conditions where the police would be able to record the statement with both audio and video. It is not currently known how much the lawsuit is seeking in damages, but it is likely to be a large number. The possibility also remains that the instructor could still be criminally charged if the police and prosecutor’s office come up with enough evidence. Media coverage like this may change the prosecutor’s position on this case. iStock_000023802012_XXXLarge-2-300x200

Original Case Details

University of Michigan-Dearborn police officer William Ashford is the plaintiff in this case. He was suspended allegedly because he was trying to uncover the truth relating to a sexual assault case involving a teacher and student on campus. His lawsuit claims that “he exposed the fact that they intentionally refused to act on the incident and attempted to cover up this wrongdoing.” A University of Michigan-Dearborn student underwent a rape test kit at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti. She claimed that her instructor forced her to perform oral sex on him and subsequently raised her grade after she did as evidenced by an email that allegedly said “the next time you want to work on your grade, you know what we can do.” It is alleged in the suit that her grade was raised from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’ after the assault. It is also alleged that the instructor actually admitted to committing this act but was allowed to resign without any violations and now has found employment at another university.

Current Lawsuit

The University of Michigan is facing lawsuits on multiple fronts for alleged sexual assaults involving a late University of Michigan doctor, a recently resigned provost, and now an instructor at the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus. Michigan State University went through a crippling investigation and series of events related to the Larry Nassar sexual assault case and now its rival the University of Michigan is about to go through some of the same. This is an unfolding case that is nowhere near its conclusion.

What Happens Next?

The case will go into Circuit Court where a judge will determine if there is enough evidence for this case to go to trial. In the meantime, both sides could be working towards some sort of a settlement. If that happens, the settlement amount could easily be into the millions of dollars being paid out from the University of Michigan. If this case goes to trial it will likely be a media spectacle that will be reported on endlessly. It is likely that the University of Michigan would like to prevent any of that from happening. Because of that, it would not be surprising if the parties come to some sort of a resolution if there is any shred of truth to the alleged events.

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