Wayne County Prosecutor Opposes Evidence Of Innocence In Detroit Rape Case

The Wayne County prosecutors office is opposing a new trial request for a man wrongfully convicted of rape who has spent more than 25 years in jail. The Detroit Free-Press reports that the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic has asked the Michigan Court of Appeals to grant Karl Vinson a new trial in the rape of a 9-year-old Detroit girl because “the scientific evidence conclusively proves that this man is innocent.”

The Innocence Clinic explains that Vinson is the victim of flawed forensic testing and that he has been ruled out as a suspect by recent scientific testing. Despite exculpatory scientific evidence, the prosecutor’s office opposes the trial stating, “science does not trump the testimony of individuals.”

Several questionable calls have been made in this case – including the revelation that police officers destroyed crime scene evidence. Further, when the girl could not recall who raped her, her mother suggested Vinson was the attacker. Despite his parents’ testimony that Vinson was home during the criminal sexual assault, a jury convicted him and he was sentenced to 10-50 years in prison.

This case illustrates the need for an aggressive sex crimes defense attorney at each step of a sex crimes investigation and trial. It is crucial to begin fighting immediately to provide the best possible defense by collecting critical evidence, performing in-depth investigations and doing whatever is necessary to protect your freedom.

As a Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer, I am hopeful the appeals court will see the injustice in this case and grant Vinson a new trial. He has already lost 25 years of his life behind bars and should not have to spend another day more imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.

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