Wendrow Sex Abuse Case Reveals System Of Errors, Injustice

Over the last few weeks the Detroit Free Press has published a series of articles detailing the tumultuous and horrific struggles endured by the Wendrow family as the result of a misguided sexual assault investigation.

The incident arose out of a criminal sexual assault investigation beginning in 2007 with the use of “facilitated communication.” While at school, an assistant facilitator claimed that the Wendrow’s autistic and mute daughter had alleged that the father had been sexually abusing her. Despite the questionable validity of this testing method – law enforcement and police officers aggressively prosecuted the case, locking Julian Wendrow up in the Oakland county jail, placing his wife Thal on house arrest and forbidding the parents from speaking to their other children.

Along the way, several horrible instances of misconduct occurred, including police officers lying to the family’s son about evidence they had of his father’s raping his sister. The case was ultimately dropped, but not without significant hardship to the family -the parents, siblings and child involved.

As stated by a family representative “At every possible opportunity, law enforcement — when they should have been doing their job and seeking the truth – they did just the opposite … they chose to assume – without any evidence of any kind – to assume right off the bat that this had literally occurred, even though there was nothing to support it, the search warrant didn’t support it, the medical exam didn’t support it. Even the people who reported it didn’t believe that (the child) had been abused.”

Despite the fact that the charges have been dismissed, the Wendrows have continued a civil case against the Walled school disease continues in order to protect other families from facing this ordeal.

Anytime an innocent person is wrongfully accused, his or her life is turned upside down. Overzealous prosecution of a criminally sexual matter helps no one – creates chaos and can destroy lives. If you are under arrest or have been charged with a Michigan criminal sex offense, contact the dedicated Michigan sex crimes defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates to protect your future and your freedom.

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