Woman Accused of Helping Husband Sexually Assault 3-year-old Daughter Found Guilty

On Wednesday, November 12, a 37-year-old Jackson County woman was found guilty of five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for helping her husband, who was sentenced to a minimum of 60 years in prison in December, sexually assault the couple’s 3-year-old girl. The names of the man and woman were not released in order to protect the identity of the victim, who shares her parent’s last name. An Attorney's Guide to a Career in Law Pic

The woman was originally charged with seven counts of first-degree CSC on the theory that she aided and abetted her husband in committing the acts of sexual abuse. He pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree CSC as part of a plea deal offered by the prosecution in exchange for his testimony against his wife, who he claimed knew about the sexual assault, and even assisted with at times.

In an interview with Blackman-Leoni public safety Detectives Joseph Merritt and Sgt. Christopher Boulter, the woman described numerous abusive acts that took place between October of 2012 and May of 2013, when the family resided at a hotel in Blackman Township. Jurors watched the interview, which was six hours long.

Testimony by the defendant’s husband, investigators, and a licensed forensic psychologist helped form the decision of the jury. The woman will now face a minimum of 25 years for each charge; she is scheduled to be sentenced on January 7 by Jackson County Circuit Judge John G. McBain.

Michigan sex crime attorneys understand that there are people who commit horrendous acts against victims, sometimes their own children. While this abuse is absolutely unacceptable, there are also individuals who are wrongly accused of committing rape, child molestation, or other sex offenses. It happens every day in our country. Allegations of sexual abuse of children are not uncommon, especially in situations where one parent or the other is trying to gain full custody of the children, or in situations where someone attempts to get revenge or “pay back” someone else. People can be deceitful and purposely ruin others’ lives when it suits their purpose.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, an Internet sex crime, or any related offense, it is critical that you take action immediately to protect your legal rights, freedom, and reputation. A conviction for a sex crime will ruin your reputation forever, and possibly your career. Contact a skilled and aggressive Michigan sex crime defense lawyer who will begin work on your case today.

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