Wrongfully Convicted Man Confronts Rape Suspect In Macomb County Circuit Court

A wrongfully convicted Michigan man finally had his day in court. For over nine years, Kenneth Wyniemko was imprisoned for a rape he didn’t commit. Earlier this week, he was able to confront the man now accused of the crime for which he was falsely imprisoned.

Tragically, its unknown how many individuals sit in Michigan jails for sex crimes they didn’t commit. Every day innocent people are wrongfully convicted because of a shoddy police investigation, mistakes made by prosecutors or inadequately skilled defense attorneys. Further, those facing charges may unwittingly make serious mistakes at the beginning of a case – such as an accused talking to the police or CPS worker – innocently thinking the charges aren’t credible – only to be later incriminated by these statements. Consulting an experienced sex crimes defense attorney immediately can ensure the wrongfully accused does not become the wrongfully imprisoned.

In Wyniemko’s matter, he was received a sentence of 40-60 years in prison as the result of the victim’s incorrect identification of him as the stranger who broke into her home and repeatedly assaulted her.

Relying on DNA evidence, the Thomas M. Cooley Law School Innocence project successfully exonerated Wyniemko in 2003. DNA evidence now links a different man to the crime. According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan State Police place the odds of the DNA match not being correct at “quadrillions to one.”

Because sex crimes often lack witnesses, tragedies such as Wyniemko’s are all too frequent. As a result, its crucial to utilize all possible methods to exonerate the innocent – including lie detector tests, DNA analysis, computer forensics, rape trauma analysis and child forensic protocols.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal sexual assault charges, its crucial you contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense attorney who understands what’s needed to aggressively defend against false charges and accusations.

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