Ypsilanti Township Man Suspected of Seducing Underage Girls Via Facebook and Texting Faces Additional Charges

In late September, 23-year-old Paul Joseph Creps was arraigned on two counts of third-degree criminal sexual contact after allegedly using social media sites such as Facebook and text messaging to contact and seduce underage girls. Now a second victim as come forward, and Creps faces two additional third-degree CSC charges related to a 15-year-old Ypsilanti girl.

Police found that Creps’ cell phone had numerous pictures of young girls, some of them unclothed, and that some of the images were taken at a community swimming pool, according to the defendant. Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Geoff Fox believed that Creps had sexual contact with the first alleged victim, an Ypsilanti Township girl who was under the age of 16 at the time. Police believe there are likely other victims who have not come forward, possibly even in other states.

Creps’ preliminary examination was scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd but was rescheduled for October 30th after the latest alleged victim came forward, resulting in additional charges.

The second girl was located after a detective in the case began analyzing Creps’ cell phone and contacting potential victims through numbers on the phone. So far, Creps faces a total of four charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Additional charges may be forthcoming as detectives continue to investigate, according to news reports.

Investigators believe that Creps would use Facebook and other social media websites to locate underage girls, then “friend” them in order to begin a texting relationship, and ultimately sexual relationships. Fox stated that three computers were found in the course of searching Creps’ Ypsilanti Township residence, and that the computers are being forensically evaluated.

The penalties facing those convicted on charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct are severe, impacting the career, freedom, reputation and future of the convicted. If you have been arrested for CSC whether first-, second- or third-degree, seek legal guidance from a skilled Michigan sex crimes attorney at once. Your lawyer will review your case, analyze the evidence and challenge that evidence, and work to determine the best course of action to reach a positive outcome.

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