Allegan County Building Supervisor Accused of Disturbing Sex Crime

Paul Shamblin, a building inspector for Valley and Lee Townships in Allegan County, was recently arrested and accused of what news reports refer to as a “disturbing” sex crime. According to Newschannel 3, Shamblin will be charged with one count of aggravated indecent exposure and two counts each of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Scott Owen, Lee Township Supervisor, called the news a “shock” and said, “I think my eyebrows hit my hairline.” Owen stated he did not know what the charges would mean for the community, but that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The charges stem from a list of sex acts allegedly committed against an 18-year-old girl who moved into Shamblin’s home in September of 2012 while his wife was in the hospital. News reports claim that the alleged victim is cognitively impaired, and possesses the mental capacities of a first-grader. Court documents claim the sexual abuse continued for approximately four months.

Shamblin was released on a $100,000 bond and arraigned on the charges on Tuesday, February 26.

According to the victim’s father, Shamblin and the girl had met when he (the teen’s father) was having repairs made to his motorcycle at Shamblin’s shop last summer. He said that he was unaware that the relationship between his daughter and Shamblin had developed into something more.

Michigan sex crime attorneys understand that under Michigan’s Penal Code 750.520d, an individual may be found guilty of third-degree CSC if sexual penetration occurs with an individual who is mentally incapacitated or incapable, and the perpetrator is aware of the fact. A conviction could result in up to 15 years in prison, depending on a number of factors including the defendant’s criminal history.

If you have been arrested for first-, second-, third-, or fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, rape, sexual assault or any crime of this nature, consult with an aggressive and capable Michigan sex crime defense lawyer immediately. Without effective legal counsel, your freedom, reputation, and future are at stake.

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