Buena Vista Township Teen Faces Possible Life in Prison for Alleged Rape of 13-year-old

Tyler D. Hardy, an 18-year-old Buena Vista Township man, has been charged with raping a 13-year-old girl in the mobile home park where he and the alleged victim live. If convicted, Hardy could face life in prison.

Hardy and the young girl live in the Robin Glen Mobile Home Community according to Buena Vista Police Detective Sgt. Greg Klecker. Hardy allegedly raped the victim in the mobile home park on June 4, according to a news article at Mlive.com. The suspect was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct causing personal injury, and third-degree CSC against someone ages 13 through 15. Klecker stated that Hardy denied the charges, but that the girl’s injuries supported the case.

A plea of not guilty was entered on Hardy’s behalf by Saginaw County Chief District Judge M. Randall Jurrens at Hardy’s arraignment hearing on June 11. He is being held without bond, and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 24 before District Judge Kyle Higgs Tarrant.

In the state of Michigan, engaging in a sexual act with anyone under the age of 16 is considered a felony offense. Even when an individual who is underage agrees to sexual relations, it may leave an alleged offender facing serious criminal charges as minors who are younger than 16 cannot legally consent to any form of sexual activity.

Known as statutory rape, this sexual offense is considered criminal sexual conduct. First-degree CSC is the most serious of all sex-related offenses, and may leave the accused facing up to life in prison if convicted. Third-degree criminal sexual conduct carries potential prison time of up to 15 years. All allegations of sexual misconduct should be taken very seriously by those accused.

If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, or any offense that is sexual in nature, it is urgent that you speak with a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney. Do not wait; your freedom and future are at risk.

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