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From gathering evidence illegally to not gathering evidence which could potentially support a client’s files-sorainnocence when accused of a sex crime, there are many mistakes made in the obtaining/handling of evidence.  Unfortunately, innocent individuals are wrongfully convicted of sex crimes every day.  This may be due to improper forensic science, misconduct by police or prosecutors, mistaken identity, deceit, or even the fact the accused was represented by a defense attorney who was simply ineffective.  In some instances, those accused even confess to crimes they didn’t commit due to intense interrogation by police – they “fold” under pressure.

Sex crimes attorneys often challenge the case brought by prosecutors by confronting the forensic and physical evidence (or lack thereof) presented against the accused.  It’s important to keep in mind that scientific evidence is only as good as its collection and analysis, so there are questions that need to be asked.  Some of these include:

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