Detroit Woman Sexually Assaulted After Being Taken from Outside Her Home

On Saturday December 29, a frightening and disturbing attack allegedly occurred on Detroit’s west side. A 33-year-old woman whose identity was not revealed in news reports claimed that she was abducted from outside her home and sexually assaulted. The woman lived in the 17500 block of Plainview, where she was reportedly shoveling snow when the incident occurred.

The incident took place at about 9:30 a.m. according to Detroit police. Sgt. Eren Stephens reported that the woman was outside when the suspect allegedly drove up, approached the woman and produced a weapon. The suspect then allegedly forced the victim into the vehicle and proceeded to drive to an isolated area on Detroit’s west side, where she claims he sexually assaulted her.

News reports state that following the sexual assault, the man released the victim and drove away in the vehicle, which has been recovered by police although the suspect is still at large. Police have released a composite image of the suspect, who is described as mid 20’s and thinly built, with glasses and a full black beard.

Detroit police are asking anyone with information that may lead to an arrest to contact the department’s sex crimes unit at 313-596-1950.

As experienced Michigan sexual assault lawyers, we know that the penalties for those convicted of various sex crimes can be extremely severe. We also know that innocent people are accused of crimes they did not commit every day. The punishment individuals face range from minimal jail or prison time to life in prison, depending upon the circumstances and whether force, coercion, or weapons were used. Additionally, being labeled a sex offender and forced to register as such is punishment that will haunt an individual for the rest of his/her life.

If you have been accused of or arrested for sexual assault, contact an aggressive Michigan sex crimes defense attorney immediately. You must have a lawyer who can provide you with a strong and effective defense, and who is dedicated to protecting your reputation and freedom.

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