Grand Rapids Man Whose Son Was Found Wandering the Neighborhood Alone Arrested for Sexual Assault

On Friday January 17, Alfidio Benitez Cruz was arrested for alleged sexual assault after his own 4-year-old son was found wandering alone in his Grand Rapids neighborhood. Police responded to Cruz’s home after a passing motorist found his son in the area of Buchanan Avenue and Griggs Street SW, crying for his mother.

According to news reports at, the boy’s mother was taking another child to a hospital, and left the 4-year-old alone at home sleeping. She believed that Cruz would be home from work shortly, according to police. Cruz’ commute was prolonged due to weather conditions. When he made it home approximately one hour after his son had been found by the passing motorist, he was arrested for second-degree CSC on a warrant out of Kentwood involving another child, not his son. The child he is accused of sexually assaulting is a 6-year-old girl who is the daughter of a woman Cruz lived with in April of 2012.

Court documents indicate the girl told authorities that Cruz inappropriately touched her on one occasion, and attempted to get her to touch him; he denied the accusations at first, then admitted that he “may” have touched her as he and the girl were playing. A warrant for Cruz’ arrest was issued in May of 2012.

While Cruz remains jailed on a $2,500, his probable cause hearing is scheduled for January 27.

When it comes to situations involving the alleged sexual abuse of a young child, it’s often difficult to know whether the child has been coerced by adults into saying things that are not true, or perhaps even seen similar situations on television which lead them to make up stories. Certainly there are young children who are victims of sexual assault, but there are also many individuals who are innocent of the accusations against them who are ultimately convicted and sentenced to time behind bars.

Regardless of your situation, when you are accused of rape, child molestation, or sexual assault it is critical you take action to protect your legal rights and freedom at once. Contact a highly qualified Michigan sex crimes defense attorney who will work with you to determine the most effective strategy for protecting you from a conviction and harsh criminal penalties.

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