Judge Rules Saginaw Man Charged with Sexual Assault Mentally Fit for Trial

Derrick Conway, a 50-year-old Saginaw man, has been charged with sexually assaulting a mentally handicapped woman from April to June of this year, according to a news article at Mlive.com. Conway, who was charged with five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, underwent examination to determine if he is mentally fit to face trial. The defendant was found mentally competent according to a report from the Center for Forensic Psychiatry.

The alleged victim is said to be in her early 20s. According to his arrest warrant Conway assaulted the victim who was determined to be mentally incapacitated or incapable, or physically helpless using coercion or force and/or caused personal injury. Conway’s defense lawyer, Philip Sturtz, requested an exam to determine whether his client is mentally fit. Following Saginaw County District Judge M.T. Thompson’s ruling on Monday that Conway is mentally fit to stand trial, his preliminary hearing was scheduled for December 19. A preliminary hearing is when it is determined whether probable cause exists for trial.

If convicted, Conway will face a maximum sentence of life in prison. He remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.

First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious sex crime of all, leaving those accused facing life-changing penalties if convicted. Depending on the circumstances, individuals who are found guilty may be sentenced to up to life behind bars. All sex offenses are serious, and require the legal guidance and support of a capable Michigan sex crime defense attorney.

Regardless of the offense, those accused of a sex-related crime may be required to register as a sex offender for life; other penalties include fines and jail/prison time. A conviction not only results in harsh punishment, but can ruin a person’s career, reputation, and relationships. Consult with an aggressive defense lawyer immediately if you have been arrested or even accused of a sex crime.

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