Livingston County Assistant Prosecutor Accused of Misconduct

Original Case Details

A 21-year-old man from Genoa Township was convicted of multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the first degree, second degree, and assault with the intent to commit sexual penetration back in March 11 of this year. The alleged victim testified that the man raped her multiple times at a golf course after they went riding together on a golf cart looking for a deer back in 2018. Prosecutors previously offered to dismiss three of the criminal sexual conduct charges, as part of a plea agreement, a deal which the man declined to take. He now faces up to life in prison.

Allegations Made Against Assistant Prosecutor

Livingston County Assistant Prosecutor Pamela Maas is currently under fire as she is being accused of coaching and threatening witnesses in the case, along with withholding evidence, and eliciting perjured testimony. The defendant’s attorney has filed a motion and brief stating in detail what the allegations are. The claims made in the motion filing state that Maas coached Livingston County Detective Greg Thompson before he testified about the alleged victim’s clothing. The defendant’s attorneys met in the courthouse attorney’s lounge where they encountered a television live streaming from the courtroom. The live stream caught a conversation between Assistant Prosecutor Maas and Detective Thompson which the defendant’s attorneys began to record on their phones. Thompson told Maas that he remembered speaking about the defendant’s clothes, but since it was so long ago, he didn’t remember exactly what was said. Maas responded to him by telling him to say that “we discussed it” and point out the defendant’s statements were enough evidence to continue without the clothes evidence. Maas then made a joke about the defendant’s attorney, stating that he will gasp when he hears the Detective’s testimony and that she will laugh about it. The allegations against Maas include her prompting witnesses with signals while seated at her counsel table, as well as threatening and intimidating the defendant’s family.

The motion filed by the defendant’s attorney stated that Maas’ actions were intentional, unethical, and illegal. The motion further stated that the defendant’s right to a fair trial was “obliterated” because of the actions of both Livingston County Assistant Prosecutor Pamela Maas as well as Livingston County Police Detective Greg Thompson.

What Happens Next?

The Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office has stated that their office will be filing a written response to these allegations stating that they are not true, and that the motion is without merit. The next step is to appear in front of a judge to determine if there is any merit to the defendant’s motion. The trial court judge may decide to hold an actual evidentiary hearing about the matter and actually take testimony about what is alleged in the motion. Whatever the judge decides on the matter it is apparent that the decision will likely be appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals. It seems that if the motion is denied, then the defendant’s attorney would likely seek a higher court to reverse the ruling. If the motion is granted, and the ruling states that Assistant Prosecutor Maas and Detective Thompson had any hand in wrongdoing, then that will surely be appealed to a higher court. It appears that both sides are dug in at the moment without any real reason to back down from one another.

Any Further Questions?

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