Michigan College No Longer Admitting Convicted Sex Offenders

According to WNDU local news, Lake Michigan College is no longer admitting people convicted of sex crimes against children and those listed on Michigan’s sex registry.

This broad rule could affect students who pose no threat, especially those convicted on juvenile charges who could benefit most from educational opportunities and a fresh start. In fact, studies show juveniles make up a large percentage on the Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR).

Under current Michigan law, many non-violent sex offenders must place their names on the registry, sometimes for life. This includes non-violent sex offenders such as juveniles who have been convicted of having consensual, yet underage sex, and those convicted of “sexting,” which in some cases can be a violation of child pornography laws.

As the LMC decision shows, registering on the Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) may affect the everyday lives of those individuals forced to register, including the loss of job opportunities, disqualification for obtaining student loans and the freedom to attend certain schools. Often, these results are unfair and unjust, denying opportunities to those who have committed minor offenses.

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