Michigan DNA Analysis Backlog Leaves The Accused Waiting For Justice

Last month the Detroit Free Press ran a series exposing a serious problem affecting all of those interested in criminal justice – the overwhelming backlog of cases requiring biological testing – including DNA testing – which is often the key to freedom for those wrongfully accused and convicted.

Today the South Bend Tribune echoed that sentiment, calling for the elimination of Michigan’s serious backlog of thousands of forensic cases.

As a Michigan sex crimes defense attorney, I agree. According to the Detroit FreePress,10,500 untested rape kits existed at the beginning of 2010. The number has since grown. In spite of this backlog, Michigan has passed legislation to collect DNA from all those arrested for felonies, but not yet tried or convicted. Rather than expanding the number of people subjected to DNA analysis, emphasis should be placed on processing rape kits and other samples. Often, DNA analysis is the key to freedom for those wrongfully convicted.

DNA evidence freed Kenneth Wyniemko who was imprisoned for nine years for a rape he didn’t commit.

DNA evidence freed Rickie Seggie, an innocent Sterling Heights man headed for trial on charges of criminal sexual assault.

A delay in processing DNA samples often means a delay in justice. At Grabel & Associates we understand the critical role DNA analysis plays in establishing your innocence. For more information or if you or a loved has been charged with a sex crime, please contact Grabel & Associates, a Michigan Law Firm exclusively dedicated to sex crimes defense.

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