Michigan Sex Registry Changes Effective July 1 Require More Information

Thanks to much needed legislative changes, the Michigan Sex Offender registry will be adding new information concerning those individuals listed on the registry in an effort to provide a more complete picture of each person – including new information about employment, vehicle information and email addresses. News reports that the effort to implement the new sex offender verification procedures is tying up law enforcement agencies – requiring two to three times more staff than usual.

If you are required to have your name placed on the Michigan sex crimes registry, it is important to contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes registry attorney to ensure you meet all required guidelines. Although some additional effort may be required to comply with the new law, in the long run the new system is intended to provide a more accurate reflection of each individual’s risk – providing more freedom of movement to those grouped as less serious offenders.

In addition to providing registry information such as vehicle and employment information, sex offenders are required to have palm prints on file with the Michigan State Police to be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as all social media account, screen names and passwords.

For many juveniles however, the new registration period is a sign of progress. With the introduction of Public Acts 17, 18 and 19 many juvenile and minor sex offenders will no longer have to register.

For more information or to ensure you have complied with all required sex offender registry updates, contact the dedicated sex crimes registry and defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates, P.C.

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