Oakland County Sheriff’s Officials Say Young Girl’s Story of Kidnapping, Rape, and Assault a Farce

On June 26, Oakland County sheriff’s deputies responded to McLaren Hospital after a 14-year-old Pontiac girl claimed she had been abducted by two teen males and raped the night before. Now, sheriff’s officials believe the story was an elaborate lie.

The girl claimed that after being abducted by the teens, who were 15 years old, she was assaulted, raped, and held captive. The girl was allegedly walking in Pontiac near Rundell when the two boys allegedly “kidnapped” her and held her prisoner in a townhouse until the following morning. In a release issued on Monday July 8, sheriff’s officials said the shocking story turned out to be a farce. They went on to say that the alleged victim admitted that she knew both of the boys, and that she had sexual relations with them willingly. The girl apparently wanted to avoid getting into trouble with her mother because she had not come home the previous night, so she reported the fabricated story.

According to a news article at Mlive.com, police intend to seek a warrant so they may charge to girl with filing a false police report.

Michael McCabe, Oakland County Undersheriff, said on Monday that, “In Michigan, no one under the age of 16 can ‘consent’ to have sex and it is technically a violation of the Michigan (criminal sexual conduct) statutes.” In other words, even though the two 15-year-old young men and the 14-year-old girl agreed to have sex, their ages prevent them from consenting legally. Authorities intend to thoroughly review the case.

This situation is one of the worst nightmares for Michigan sex crime attorneys, and unfortunately it happens all too often. The two young men accused of kidnapping the victim, raping her, and holding hostage may very well be charged with criminal sexual conduct, even though the girl willingly had sex with them by her own admission. In Michigan, it is a criminal offense to have sexual relations with someone younger than 16 years old, regardless of consent. While juveniles are not usually charged with a crime, they may still be charged with a delinquency action and subject to harsh criminal penalties.

Regardless of the situation, it is urgent that anyone accused of a sex-related offense consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer with experience, and who has a winning track record for securing positive results.

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