Past Mistakes Shouldn’t Keep Those With Felony Convictions From Volunteering

A group of Grand Rapids parents are circulating petitions to allow them to participate in their children’s education through volunteering. At issue – past criminal convictions and the fact that some of the parent’s names are on the Sex Offender Registry. The Grand Rapids school district, as well as all school districts in Kent and Ottawa counties – screens all school volunteers and will not allow anyone with a felony conviction to participate.

As stated by one parent, “Something you did back in the day when you were young and dumb, should not be allowed to haunt you forever and make you a less effective parent.”

In fact, many of those with names on the sex crimes registry are there as a result of “Romeo/Juliet” type relationships.

Understanding that the involvement of parents is vital to their children’s success at school, parents are requesting that the school decide whether to allow the parent volunteers on a case-by-case basis. Due to current laws, a parent whose name is on the registry will likely not be able to volunteer, but the petition circulated by the parents underscores the lasting impact youthful indiscretions may have on your future.

Hopefully, the school district will allow parents who are trying to do the right thing to be involved and make a difference in their child’s education.

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