Plastic Surgeon Accused Of Drugging And Sexually Abusing Women

A plastic surgeon out of Toledo, OH with an office in Taylor, MI has been indicted with illegally dispensing controlled substances, aggravated sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. He is accused of drugging multiple women, raping them and recording the acts on camera. He was arrested by the FBI and has been booked at the Lucas County Corrections Center. The doctor is licensed in both Michigan and Ohio and has three offices between both states. His case now goes before a federal grand jury as he has waived his preliminary hearing. He will remain in custody pending his appearance before the federal grand jury. He did not challenge his detention on this court date.

Original Case Details

The original accusation against this doctor came from a woman who shared that she worked as a high-end escort and engaged in sexual activity for money with the doctor. This event allegedly took place at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles back in September of 2016. She alleged that she first performed consensual oral sex on the doctor before dinner but would not allow it to be recorded. After the dinner, she believed she was drugged, raped and recorded without her consent. The woman left the hotel room in the morning and sought the help of a client who was an anesthesiologist who found that the woman tested positive for benzodiazepine in her urine. This drug is a type of tranquilizer. Other women have since made similar accusations against the doctor. The FBI obtained a search warrant and found five thumb drives that allegedly contained 5 different videos of the doctor engaging in sex acts with four different women, who were all unconscious. The FBI also seized large amounts of controlled substances from the doctor which included valium, fentanyl and morphine. The doctor had also received a shipment of ketamine two weeks prior to the first alleged incident. The Assistant United States Attorney handling this case stated in court that they believe they have found over 20 different victims recorded on different devices.

What Charges Is He Facing?

The doctor has been charged with illegally dispensing controlled substances, aggravated sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. He is facing a potential life sentence if he is convicted of these offenses. The charge of illegally dispensing controlled substances comes from his own personal use and passing of controlled substances in his criminal actions. It appears as if he would use drugs to sedate and leave women unconscious. He would sexually assault them while they were unconscious and videotape the encounter. The aggravated sexual abuse charge arises from the alleged sexual acts on these women while they were unable to consent because of the doctor drugging them. The sex trafficking charge arises from the allegation that the doctor paid an escort for sexual services. The state of Ohio board of Pharmacy found discrepancies in the doctor’s record-keeping for controlled substances at one of his offices. There are multiple videos that allegedly show the doctor performing sex acts on unconscious women that are date stamped as recently as mid-December 2019. Multiple women recently called the Toledo police department accusing the doctor of drugging and raping unconscious women. Those calls were the first step in the case against the doctor.

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