Preliminary Hearing Delayed For Saginaw Teens Accused Of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Michigan news reports that a Saginaw County criminal sexual misconduct preliminary hearing has been delayed. The case involves two teenaged boys arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl while the three were in highschool together at Saginaw Township’s Heritage Highschool.

The two are charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC), as well as conspiring to commit third degree CSC. Third-degree criminal sexual conduct is a felony and involves some form of penetration. The arrest warrants state that the boys were engaged in sexual acts other than intercourse.

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Michigan criminal law, MCL 750.520d, Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) in the third degree

(1) A person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree if the person engages in sexual penetration with another person and if … that other person is at least 13 years of age and under 16 years of age.

Third degree CSC is considered a Michigan felony and a conviction carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. The conspiracy charge carries the same penalty.

In addition, if the boys are convicted they may have to place their names on the Michigan public sex offender registry. In certain situations, “Romeo & Juliet” laws may create an exception to sex crime registration where the alleged victim was between the ages of 13 and 16, if there’s no more than 4 years of age difference between the partners and if the sex act was consensual by the minor.

However, because the girl alleged that the two boys assaulted her – and the act was not consensual – this exemption may not be available.

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