Sex Offender Requirements Becoming More Personal; Addresses of Registered Sex Offenders in Midland County Verified

Recently, Midland County sheriff’s deputies conducted address verification of registered sex offenders across the county. The process began on August 7th and was completed on August 23rd. These checks are conducted four times each year; there were 161 homes checked by deputies in the county, and no violations were found. According to Michigan State Police, offenders are required by the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act to verify their address once at the beginning of each quarter, within the first 15 days of January, April, July and October.

Michigan sex crimes defense lawyers know this is just one of the requirements you face as a convicted sex offender. This is why it is essential that when you are accused of or arrested for rape, possession of child pornography, sexual assault or any sex-related offense, you consult with an attorney immediately. Your lawyer will work diligently to protect your legal rights and prevent a conviction when possible.

Registry reporting requirements are also becoming more personal. Now, many individuals who are registered sex offenders must register information which includes email addresses, social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and all telephone numbers where the offender may be reached including home, cell and work numbers. Why is it necessary for those registered to provide such personal information? Police claim that having all of this knowledge allows them to contact an offender quickly; however, Michigan sex crimes attorneys know this also allows police to closely monitor your every word and perhaps intended actions.

Based on the seriousness of the crime committed, perceived danger to the public and risk of repeat offenses, sex offenders are determined to be a level 1, 2 or 3 offender. If you are convicted of a level 3 offense, you will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of your life.

Being labeled a sex offender is perhaps the worst penalty of all for those convicted on charges of sex-related crimes. If you have been charged with any sex offense, consult with a capable and dedicated attorney immediately. Having aggressive, skilled legal guidance and representation may make the difference between your freedom and reputation, and facing serious consequences.

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