Sex Offenders May Permanently Lose Medical Licenses

Any one convicted of rape in Michigan may soon permanently lose their medical license. According to News Channel 3 out of Lansing, the Michigan House of Representatives has just passed a bi-partisan package that would forever strip people convicted of criminal sexual conduct of their medical licenses. This includes doctors, dentists and nurses and would apply to first, second or third degree criminal sexual conduct.

Presently, Michigan law allows those convicted of criminal sexual conduct who lose their license to reapply after 5 years. If the recent legislation passes the Senate, those convicted will lose this crucial second chance.

Too often those accused of sex crimes make serious mistakes at the very beginning of an investigation when confronted by the police regarding allegations of sex crimes. Often, individuals accused don’t believe a matter is serious or that particular allegations are credible so they freely discuss a case without first consulting with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

However, allegations of criminal sexual misconduct and possible convictions are very serious matters and carry with them significant consequences. Law enforcement officers understand this and are not there to help you – and may even use trickery and deception to illicit and incriminating statement, which may undermine your ability to defend against potential charges.

Not only will a conviction carry with it potential jail time and placing your name on the sex crimes registry, but Michigan continues to up the ante – with colleges denying entrance to those with prior sex crimes convictions and now potentially barring those convicted of sex crimes from practicing their chosen profession.

The best way to combat these laws and practices is with a vigorous defense. For more information, or if you or a loved one has been accused of a sex crime, please contact Grabel & Associates, a Michigan law firm with a proven track record of successfully defending the accused.

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