SF 49ers Defensive Lineman Ray McDonald Under Investigation on Suspicion of Sexual Assault

On December 17, an article was published on the NFL website regarding the San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald. According to the article, McDonald is suspected of sexual assault, and is under investigation. His San Jose home was searched by San Jose Police Department detectives, according to Sgt. Heather Randol.

On Tuesday evening, an area hospital notified the department that a woman, allegedly the victim, was seeking medical treatment. She told police that she was “possibly” sexually assaulted by McDonald, however no arrest had been made at the time of the news article.

The league is investigating the matter, according to an NFL spokesperson. In addition, Trent Baalke, general manager for the 49ers, said on Monday that the decision was made by the team to release McDonald from his contract.

In November, McDonald was investigated for domestic violence stemming from an August 31 arrest; no charges were filed. After this second incident, Baalke said that “This is about a pattern of poor behavior.” He said that the team is not willing to deal with it anymore, and that players are expected to practice good behavior.

News reports do not reveal any details of the alleged sexual assault, only that the victim says she may have “possibly” been sexually assaulted one day prior to her hospital visit.

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